Innovation Since 1862

One of the premier infill development sites in the nation, the Railyards will once again be a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

The Plan

In the heart of Sacramento, a plan is in play to transform the 244-acre historic railyards site into an innovative mixed use community that will breathe new life into the Capital City. The Railyards will redefine Sacramento, connect the community, and become the central gathering place for the region.

Know The Plan

The Vision

The vision for The Railyards is to create an authentic Sacramento experience that connects people, brings communities together, and blends a rich history with an exciting future. If you live, work, commute, or travel to Sacramento; The Railyards is for you.

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Your Railyards

Discover your Railyards, where a historical site is evolving into a modern urban village for all of Sacramento to enjoy. The Railyards welcomes you to the Central Shops District, the new urban core and community hub you have been waiting for.

Discover Your Railyards

Railyards At A Glance

244+ Acres

30+ Acres Of Green Space

± 500,000 - 700,000 SF Retail

6,000 - 10,000 Residential Units (Proposed)

5M SF Office (Proposed)

900,000 SF Kaiser Hospital

175,000 SF Museum


Intermodal Transit Hub*

Hotel Up To 1,000 Rooms

* Intermodal transit hub includes: long distance rail, inner-city local bus, charter operations, auto park & ride, bicycles, and future modes cars and high speed rail.