The Vision

Weave history and innovation into an authentic Sacramento experience designed for everyone

The Railyards is a vibrant mixed-use urban village for you to work, live, and play. A distinctly unique place inspired by Sacramento’s history and built for an innovative future. The Railyard connects people, businesses, and communities; weaving together an experience that could only be found in Sacramento.

The Railyards is a place for you to call home. With up to 10,000 inclusive, mixed-use housing opportunities, there is a place for you and your family to build a future of your own.

The Railyards is a place where businesses thrive. It’s a place for small, local businesses to connect with customers, for creative companies to find inspiration, and for corporations to find campus homes built for innovation and expansion.

The Railyards is a place for you to connect. Meet your friends for dinner, shopping, or a show. Join a roaring crowd of fans at a Minor League soccer goal at the Railyards Stadium. Take your family to explore a museum or head outdoors to 30-acres of green, open park space. Stroll through an open-air Farmers’ Market and be a part of Sacramento’s Farm to Fork experience. Hop on a train or high-speed rail and connect with a neighboring community.

The Vision
Alan Hersh

Once the western terminus of the 1860s Transcontinental Railroad, today The Railyards continues to house a major intermodal transportation hub and will soon be home to a dynamic mixed use urban village.

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The Railyards will redefine Sacramento with 244-acres of rededicated space preserved and adapted into an Innovation District. This new, exciting urban village will be the heart of the region, a community hub where people can build families, businesses, and memories. The Railyards connects you to your neighbors, to your community, to a past rich in history and an exciting future ahead. The Railyards is Sacramento.