Your Railyards

Welcome to the Central Shops District, the hub of your new 18 hour urban village

The Central Shops District

The Central Shops District will spark the renaissance of downtown Sacramento and will become the epicenter of activity for the Railyards as they are transformed into a modern, urban village.

The historic railyard central shops were once a place of industrial progress, where thousands of mechanics, craftsmen, and engineers spent long days building entire locomotives from the ground up. The history of these buildings will be preserved as the shops are reclaimed, repurposed, and adapted into the central gathering place of the Railyards.

How do you preserve the rich history of the historic shops, adapt it for a modern community, and prepare it for the next generation? The Railyards found inspiration in nearby San Francisco, where the historically significant Ferry Building has been redeveloped into a thriving marketplace.  

Like the Ferry Building, the Railyards Central Shops District will be adaptively reused in a way that preserves the historical significance and architecture of the brick buildings, and evolves it into a revolutionary new future.

The Central Shops District will be a central gathering place where modern architectural buildings will complement the historical buildings. This innovative, urban neighborhood will provide an 18-hour environment where you can experience the best that Sacramento has to offer day and night, seven days a week.


An Authentic Sacramento Experience

The Central Shops District will offer unique retail and entertainment venues, as well as art and cultural experiences that are distinct to our region and city. Craft breweries, urban wineries, and local, artisanal restaurants will celebrate Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork culture. Collaborative office spaces will offer creative workspaces that meet the needs of today’s modern industry.

Historic Central Shops
Denton Kelley

We designed the Central Shops district to create a strong sense of connectivity. We hope that visitors to The Railyards will lose track of time, discover new treasures, and create their own special moments.

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Urban Inspiration

The Railyards team looked to other innovative projects for inspiration on the Central Shops urban village. Revolutionary projects such as the Urban Outfitters Headquarters at the Navy Yards in Philadelphia, and Twitter Headquarters in Market Square, San Francisco, are perfect examples of the adaptive reuse that will transform the Central Shops into a thriving gathering place.

This “City within a City” will be an inventive urban space where people can connect with each other, the community, with Sacramento’s rich past, and a modern future. And as a transportation hub, The Railyards will connect you with neighboring communities and the broader region by train, bus, and even light-rail.

The biggest inspiration for The Railyards team came not from another space or place, it came from our community.


Connecting Our Community

You’ve told us what your vision for The Railyards is, and we’ve listened. You want a modern, inventive space that you can call home. You want local businesses to grow and thrive. You want to reconnect with the natural resources that Sacramento has to offer, like the river and farmlands beyond. You want a place for art, for nature, for cultural experiences. And most importantly, you want an all-inclusive space where everyone is welcome. Feedback from the community has been the driving force behind the redevelopment of The Railyards. Thanks to your feedback, The Railyards is a place where you can live, work, and play.