3 Ways Sacramento Helps Residents Go Green

A woman bikes to work through city streets.

3 Ways Sacramento Helps Residents Go Green

September 14, 2023 | By The Railyards

As you make your commute to work, passing cyclists, solar panels atop homes and buildings, and front yards dotted with wildflowers, Sacramento’s sustainability initiatives are woven into our everyday lives.  From new bike lanes to energy rebates and drought-friendly front yards, discover how Sacramento is working towards California’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2045. 

Discover exciting local initiatives that are working to paint Sactown green and how you can participate in your home and community.

How Your Home Can Go Green

Save Water with The City of Sacramento

Saving money (and the environment) can start when your sprinklers come on in the morning. The City of Sacramento offers a range of rebates to help residents save water around their homes. This includes The River-Friendly Landscape Program, which offers a rebate to replace your water-hungry lawn with drought-friendly plants, leak repair assistance, and more.

Explore rebates such as:

  • Grass conversion: The River-Friendly Landscape Program offers rebates to help you convert your lawn to drought-friendly landscaping using low-water plants.
  • Irrigation: Upgrade your irrigation system to save water by switching to high-efficiency nozzles, opting for an EPA Water Sense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controller, and other water-saving options.
  • Rain barrels: Install rain barrels to store water for use during dry periods with a rebate of up to $150.
  • Laundry-to-landscape: Use a greywater system that diverts laundry from your washing machine to be used caring for landscapes.
  • Leak repair assistance: This program offers reimbursement for repairing leaks, with the added bonus of potentially reducing your water bill.

Upgrade Your Appliances with SMUD

SMUD is on a mission to eliminate 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions from electric generation by 2030. Sacramento homeowners can help reach that goal (and save a little on their electric bill, too) with rebates for smart appliances. If you’ve been considering making the jump to an induction cooktop or are shopping around for a new washer or fridge, they may have a rebate for you.

Have it Made in the Shade

The Sacramento Tree Foundation partners with SMUD to offer free shade trees to SMUD customers looking to keep their neighborhoods a little cooler. Trees can help shield homes from rising temperatures and other beneficial effects. Reach out to see if your property qualifies and inquire about your free trees.

How Your Community is Going Green

Sacramento’s future lies in sustainability. Every change you make at home is part of a community-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our environment. The city is working to contribute to California’s statewide goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions per person by 2045. 

Throughout your community, you may notice signs of this effort to go green through:

  • Creating more walkable, bikeable communities to encourage greener commuting options.
  • Public transit options.
  • Enriching the city with green spaces.
  • Organics recycling to reduce food waste.

Whether you’re hopping on the bus to commute or saving water with your new landscaping project, every step helps create a more sustainable Sacramento. You can help create healthier communities and a greener future.

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