5 Ways California is Tackling Climate Change

Overhead view of the train tracks along Sacramento's riverfront. Learn more about how CA is tackling climate change.

5 Ways California is Tackling Climate Change

January 23, 2020 | By The Railyards

California has been leading the fight against climate change for over a decade with policies designed to clean the air, reduce pollution, and invest in the future for its citizens. Here are five ways California is tackling climate change.

AB 32: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, committed California to cut greenhouse gases that damage our climate back down to 1990 levels by 2020. These reductions come from vehicle improvements and changes in energy production.

California expects to reduce emission levels by 2030 to 40-percent of 1990 levels. California's officials use incentives, regulations, and education to encourage individuals and business owners to make these environmental decisions.

Sacramento Adopts Bold EV Policy Vision

In the State Capital, Sacramento has adopted a bold policy vision to promote zero-emission mobility with the goal of improving air quality and climate change.

Sacramento has been working to create an ecosystem that supports vehicle electrification through public charging and discounts in municipal parking facilities for electric vehicles with its Sac-to-Zero program.

The City has been actively supporting investments in new, innovative transportation modes, such as bike, scooter, and car-share services, that enable more people to get around without relying on a personal automobile.

Sacramento was selected by Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America to pilot its Green City program. Electrify America is investing $2 billion in ZEV infrastructure, access, and education programs in the United States, $800 million going to California, one of the largest ZEV markets in the world.

California Hosts Global Climate Action Summit

California is a leader in reducing climate change, but the state's representatives are reaching out on a global scale. In September 2018, California organized the Global Climate Action Change Summit: a meeting of world leaders, influencers in the private sector, and heads of indigenous people. This meeting was a chance for all involved to affirm their commitment to climate change initiatives, hear the ways others are working to protect the environment and bond around a common goal. As the group met in San Francisco, they agreed to maintain their roles in limiting the rise of global temperature.

California Upgrades to Electric School Buses

The state of California has developed this fund to replace old buses that use diesel fuel with new, electric vehicles. The fund particularly is in place for low-income communities which may otherwise not be able to upgrade to electric buses. California's commitment to protecting climate change is evident in this school bus replacement program that will reduce greenhouse emissions into the environment, but also protects school-aged children from inhaling air pollution from the older school buses.

CA Clean Energy Jobs Act Prepares Youth for Clean Jobs

Not only do government representatives in California want to protect children from air pollution on school buses, but they also want to prepare children for future work in clean energy jobs. This act provided additional funding for public schools and community colleges that increased their energy efficiency or began clean energy projects. These included purchases of new lighting, furnaces, and energy-efficient windows. The act also arranged grant money for veterans and disadvantaged youth who wanted to pursue education for a career in clean energy fields.

The state of California and its representatives are using creative, sustainable, and obtainable solutions to prevent climate change. In partnering with others around the globe, these initiatives have greater reach, which will produce greater results for the environment. The above 5 initiatives are already making improvements and California will continue to be an example of climate change success.

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