A Thrilling New Concert Venue Is Coming To The Railyards

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A Thrilling New Concert Venue Is Coming To The Railyards

July 9, 2024 | By The Railyards

The Railyards is no stranger to electric, energizing concerts. Attendees of THIS916's concerts have experienced a diverse range of musical talents performing in its inviting outdoor space.

Soon, Sacramento will enjoy thrilling music and other live performances while surrounded by the rich historical ambiance of The Paint Shop in The Railyards's Central Shops. 

Learn more about The Paint Shop, a brand new event venue that is coming to the familiar space of The Railyards.

A black and white photograph of The Erecting Shop at The Railyards.A historic 20th-century photograph of The Erecting Shop in The Central Shops at The Railyards. Image courtesy of The Library of Congress.

The Historic Central Shops

If you've passed The Railyards on Highway 5, you'll be familiar with the stately brick silhouettes of The Central Shops. These eight buildings make up the historic heart of The Railyards.

The buildings that make up The Central Shops were constructed between 1868 and 1917, and include: 

  • Boiler Shop and Erecting Shop: The largest buildings of the former South Pacific structures on site, the space will one day be home to an expansion of The California State Railroad Museum.
  • Masonry Water Closet: This structure originally served workers in the Central Shops area and will eventually house shops and offices.
  • Blacksmith Shop: This structure witnessed the creation of the iron components that helped keep the trains running. It will now be home to shopping and dining opportunities.
  • Car Machine Shop: This shop was once home to the manufacturing of car wheelsets, as well as the plating room, brass room, and upholstery shop. In the future, it will become a destination for shoppers, diners, and office workers.
  • Planning Mill: This historic Planning Mill, built from 1867 to 1869, was the first project completed in the Central Shops area. Future shoppers and diners will enjoy the building's historic ambiance.
  • Car Shop No. 3: This shop was the last stop for furnished rail cars, and soon, it will be the first stop for The Railyards's local food scene.
  • Paint Shop: As the name implies, this shop was once where passenger rail cars got a coat of paint before hitting the tracks. Soon, it will be home to a different kind of creative scene: a concert and event venue. 

With a new event venue, new dining and shopping options, office buildings, and other opportunities, the Central Shops will once again become a destination for Sacramento. Learn more about the role The Paint Shop will play in the future of The Railyards.

An artist’s rendering of The Paint Shop, a brick building surrounded by computer-generated people.An artist’s rendering of The Paint Shop, an event venue coming soon to The Railyards.

The Reimagined Historic Railyards Paint Shop Event Venue

Converting the historic paint shop into an event venue will breathe new life into the structure while respecting its historic roots. The process will include restoring the building's exterior, raising a portion of the roof, and other additions. 

Once completed, The Paint Shop will offer 47,790 square feet of assembly area for concerts and other live events, 5,515 square feet for restaurants and bars, and 6,130 square feet for office space.

The Paint Shop will serve as a venue that can accommodate up to 3,500 guests, allowing it to host concerts, comedy shows, and other entertainment. Its location within the Central Shop's Plaza area will allow event attendees to enjoy access to local shopping and dining, creating an engaging space for visitors.

The historic venue will be complemented by a new structure called The Pavillion, which will become a covered open-air space for events such as a public market. This new structure is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing it to be adapted into storefronts as The Central Shops District grows.

When completed, The Paint Shop will join the community of businesses that make up The Railyards, along with the newest Kaiser Permanente medical campus, residential housing like The AJ, retail space, hotels, and more.

Ready to learn more about what Sacramento visitors can look forward to in the future of the Central Shops? Read more here.

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