Designing Urban Open Space

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Designing Urban Open Space

October 3, 2016 | By The Railyards

(Part 1 of a 2 part series about Open Space in the Railyards)

One of the first things visitors notice about Sacramento is that we love our outdoor lifestyle.  We ride our bikes or walk to our destinations and typically we prefer to enjoy our lunch in an outdoor café or patio. So we know that creating vibrant, unique experiences in the public open spaces and parks is essential to assuring a successful urban village like the Railyards.

The Railyards team hired AECOM, an internationally recognized architecture planning and design firm who have developed plans and designs for the Golden1 Center, Millennium Park, and the CityCenter in Las Vegas to develop an overall vision of the Railyards and the open space and parks plan for the Railyards.

“Urban open spaces have a fundamentally transformative impact on cities.  Our experience has demonstrated that a city’s lasting success typically correlates with the value that open space provides as a means of leveraging economic growth and revitalization, as well as improving the quality of life for the growing urban population,”  said Stephen Engblom, Global Director of AECOM’s Cities Market Sector. 

Woven into the Railyards you’ll find a sequence of open spaces, parks, walking paths, meandering alleyways and multimodal streets that guide you throughout the Railyards. The Railyards will feature multiple distinct and different parks serving the community.  This network of parks and open spaces creates “living rooms” for the neighborhoods surrounding them in the Railyards and also adds cultural value to the Sacramento community as a whole.

In the video below you’ll hear Stephen Engblom discuss the pivotal role open space plays in urban environments and the unique opportunities at the Railyards.


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