Designing Urban Open Space (Part 2)

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Designing Urban Open Space (Part 2)

October 13, 2016 | By The Railyards

(Part 2 of a 2 part series about Open Space in the Railyards)

Sacramento neighborhoods are often identified by their iconic parks.  Land Park, Curtis Park, or Southside Park are some of those unforgettable public spaces where residents can get together and have fun.  When you look at the Specific plan you will notice our strategy on how we intend to build a strong sense of community through the creation of beautiful parks and open space.

The Railyards team is working with AECOM, an internationally recognized architecture and design firm, to create parks that reimagine and reinvigorate the Railyards from a post-industrial transit hub into an urban mixed-use village.  By designing the park network for the entire Railyards district at once, the Railyards team is creating a sequence of urban park spaces.

The Four Corners Park will include four separate neighborhood parks that will offer an “urban lounge” with a tree-lined shaded plaza and outdoor dining, a community garden, a playground for younger children, and a large open lawn for various recreational activities.

Vista Park, the Railyards premier park, will offer an expansive open field for recreational activities, ball courts, a dog park, and spaces for community gathering that could feature live outdoor music. In addition to including many amenities and attractions, Vista Park will feature an incredible view of the Sacramento skyline.

“Vista Park and Four Corners Park have the opportunity to be destinations for the entire city,” said James Haig Streeter, US West Landscape Design Practice Director at AECOM.  “The Railyards’ emphasis on open space and parks embodies a culture focused on wellness.”

As the Railyards’ parks become some of Sacramento’s new landmarks, future residents will refer to Vista Park and Four Corners as the neighborhoods they call home.

In the video below, James highlights the details of designing Four Corners Park, Vista Park, and the relationship they have with the rest of the Railyards.

After you finish the video please share your thoughts on The Railyards open space and parks.


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