Discover 4 Future Sacramento Employment Centers at the Railyards

A rendering of a future bustling office building at the Sacramento Railyards.

Discover 4 Future Sacramento Employment Centers at the Railyards

December 4, 2020 | By The Railyards

Job growth is a crucial part of a strong economy, and bringing new career opportunities to Sacramento has been a key part of the Railyards since the project's inception. Sacramento's General Plan aims to accommodate "200,000 new residents and 14,000 new jobs in the City of Sacramento by 2035." This planning effort has been influential to the development of the Railyards' own specific plan.

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The Future of New Sacramento Jobs & Economic Growth at the Railyards

A rendering of the exterior view of the Sacramento MLS Stadium at the Railyards.

The MLS Soccer Stadium

The new Sac Republic stadium is expected to bring exciting economic growth to the Sacramento region. Games and events like the upcoming NCAA Soccer Championship bring in new travelers, creating growth for local hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.

A report on the stadium's economic impact shows that it is expected to create roughly 3,000 construction and permanent jobs, as well as 1.6 billion dollars in economic impact over the next 30 years.

An overview of the Railyards including the planned Central Shops and other features, like the Kaiser Medical Center.

Kaiser Permanente

The new Kaiser Permanente campus at the Railyards will be a state-of-the-art new medical facility in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, bringing new healthcare jobs to the city. The new campus will be located on roughly 18 acres in the West End District of the Railyards, north of Railyards Blvd. and west of 5th street.

The health care and social assistance industry is our region's biggest employer, accounting for nearly 14% of employment in the Sacramento area, and the new Kaiser facility at the Railyards is expected to add to that. This is good news for our local economy, particularly since the campus will be so close to Sacramento State, home to an exceptional Nursing program.

A rendering of Sacramentans enjoying the Central Shops at the Railyards.

The Central Shops

The Central Shops will provide new space for businesses, creating important retail and food industry jobs, among others. This new district will add 500,000 square feet of the retail district, including eateries, entertainment, art galleries, retail shopping, and a new Railroad Museum! 
The Central Shops at the Railyards will be built up around the eight historic brick buildings that date back to the original Central Pacific Railroad Yard. The Railyards has turned to the design team at BCV Architects to adapt the historic central buildings into a modern venue that can host local businesses while maintaining the beauty and history that makes the Railyards a local favorite.

A rendering of workers enjoying coffee in the shared courtyard of the Foundry at the Sacramento Railyards.

The Foundry

The Foundry will be part of the Railyards' Innovation District, located just east of the Central Shops between 5th and 6th streets. This project will be home to two six-story office and retail buildings. The buildings in this new employment center will feature ground-floor retail and restaurant spaces as well as a shared courtyard.

This new space is expected to be attractive to businesses that can help bring new office jobs to Sacramento and the Railyards. The Foundry is currently accepting tenants through a leasing effort led by Cushman & Wakefield, a global commercial real estate services firm.

The Railyards will help contribute to the role of Downtown Sacramento as the principal employment center in our region. Increasing the concentration of employment opportunities in the Downtown and Central City areas near public transit and other amenities is a key to growing Sacramento in a way that’s smart and sustainable. Will you be part of the future here at the Railyards?

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