Green Construction & Living at the Railyards

A mom and her child play in the sun in a local park. Discover how the Railyards is using parks like this one as part of a green construction approach.

Green Construction & Living at the Railyards

October 30, 2020 | By The Railyards

Future residents of the A.J., the Railyards' new residential project, will enjoy a greener, easier lifestyle in a walkable community that was built with the environment in mind. For the Railyards, sustainability encompasses several factors designed to make a positive impact on Sacramento's environment. This includes easily walkable neighborhoods and convenient access to public transportation, sustainable land use, resource conservation, reusing existing buildings where possible, access to open space, and other considerations.
Discover how the Railyards' approach to green construction helps foster an environmentally-friendly lifestyle for its residents.

Green Living at the Railyards

Preserving Wild Spaces
Sustainable infill developments like the Railyards help to ease encroachment by new development onto existing open spaces. By repurposing previously-developed land, infill developments help us avoid the need to pave over green, wild spaces for new construction projects.

Eco-Friendly Commuting
Infill developments like the Railyards are typically constructed on existing land near the city's heart. Because of this compact development style, the A.J.'s new residents will enjoy more convenient access to shopping and job sites by public transit or foot, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions from commuter vehicles.

To further build on this dedication to green commuting, the street designs encourage pedestrian and bike traffic, offering attractive shade trees, street furniture, ample lighting, and a network of on and off-street bicycle paths. Residents will also enjoy access to a new, state-of-the-art Amtrak station.

Respecting Environmental Resources
The Railyard's Specific Plan is dedicated to respecting and conserving environmental resources wherever possible. The community will promote recycling and other strategies to help reduce solid waste. The plan also has plans to reduce water usage, energy usage, and mitigate stormwater runoff, air pollution, and wastewater generation.

Creating New Open Spaces
In addition to the beauty of open spaces such as parks and their benefits in encouraging recreation and decreasing residents' stress levels, open spaces have a major environmental benefit. Parks and other greenery release oxygen, consume carbon dioxide, slow runoff, muffle urban noise, provide shade, and offer green cover that counters dangerous urban heat island effects.

When the A.J.'s residents take a stroll through their community's local park, they'll be enjoying a space that also helps preserve resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and makes their neighborhood more comfortable to live in!

The A.J. is a new mixed-use residential site built to give residents access to more sustainable living as part of the Railyards' community. Residents will enjoy a fitness center, pool and spa, dog wash, rooftop lounge, and other exciting amenities. Learn more about this new construction project.

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