New Direct Route Simplifies Commute from Sacramento to San Francisco

An overhead view of the Depot District in the Railyards. Learn more about the Sacramento Valley Station.

New Direct Route Simplifies Commute from Sacramento to San Francisco

March 2, 2021 | By The Railyards

A direct connection from Sacramento to San Francisco could transform your morning commute, giving the entire Northern California region better public transportation options.

Link21, the program paving the way for this connection, provides an exciting opportunity for Sacramento and all of Northern California. The program's mission is to transform the passenger rail network serving our Northern California region, which includes the Bay Area, the Monterey Bay Area, the Sacramento Area, and the Northern San Joaquin Valley.

Learn more about the exciting impact this project will have on our region.

Connecting Sacramento to the Bay Area

The most popular trip along the Capitol Corridor is Sacramento to San Francisco, which requires a bus transfer in Emeryville or transferring to BART in Richmond, making the commute a difficult one.

What's more, this route will only get more popular in future years. Bay Area residents are moving to areas like Sacramento while still keeping their jobs in the Bay in increasing numbers. In fact, the number of commuters crossing regional boundaries has increased by 78% between 1990 and 2013.

This new program could establish a direct connection between Sacramento and San Francisco, giving the region's commuters access to simpler, more sustainable transit options.

This would have an enormous impact on daily commuters from Sacramento to the Bay Area. It would also make working life easier for remote workers who are employed in the Bay Area but call Sacramento home.

Providing Future Railyards Residents With Sustainable Public Transit

The Railyards is built around sustainability, giving residents access to a greener lifestyle. A key part of that strategy for a more sustainable Sacramento is providing easy access to public transit.

The Depot District in the Railyards will connect residents with the Sacramento Valley Station, a crucial hub for public transit in our area. This station has been serving those who commute by rail since 1926. The station was purchased by the City of Sacramento in 2006.

Today, the station continues to serve passengers with services such as Amtrak, Capitol Corridor, Sacramento Regional Transit, and local bus services, among others. These public transit options help keep additional vehicles off the road, benefiting the environment and helping prevent traffic congestion.

By providing commuters with a direct route to San Francisco along the Capitol Corridor, this project could have a dramatic impact on the Railyards' vision for a sustainable, connected future.

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