Sacramentans Share Their Vision for The Railyards

A bird's eye view of concept art of the Railyards. Learn more about Sacramento residents' vision for the Railyards.

Sacramentans Share Their Vision for The Railyards

June 26, 2020 | By The Railyards

The Railyards asked Sacramentans to share their vision of The Railyards, what amenities and features would bring them to live, work, or open businesses in The Railyards.

The responses poured in.

Here are a few of the ways Sacramentans envision life in The Railyards:

"I would stress the importance of providing a diverse option of affordable housing. High-end condos, apartments, but also affordable opportunities for families or young professionals to own a small piece of Sacramento. As an entrepreneur and dreamer of having a storefront, I would love to have the option of having business/living spaces. Office/retail below and living space above. Something else that I would love to see here is outdoor social spaces, where families can come and have a drink and sit outside."

"Easy access to the hospital, commuter-friendly. A healthy environment, food, gym, art, concerts, shopping, a church, dog-friendly open area to sit or jog, natural parks with limited artificial structures."

"Music, recreation, ease of parking, and ease of access. Water features and outdoor activity. Open space to experience the architecture, sounds, and unique life of downtown. Group events. Clean, responsible, good food selections, and brewery and wine experiences."

"A world-class tiki bar!"

"A walkable community that's self-sustainable with shopping, open spaces, entertainment, and the focal piece: the stadium. We've dreamed of becoming fully enmeshed with an MLS team."


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"Craft beer and cocktails, wine, and locally sourced food options with outdoor seating. I'll go broke frequenting those places during each Sac Republic home game!!"

"I'd love to see a European style Market in one of the Central Shops buildings. You should also use one of the Central Shops buildings to highlight things made in California. Lots of trees, lots of places to sit outside and eat and drink (alcohol included)."

"Maybe a big California Bear statue or something for people to take photos with."

"Boutique craft-food and beverage companies. Live music venues that support local artists and people passionate about their craft. Professional working spaces for gig economy content creators. Pet-friendly. Micro-mobility solutions (e-scooter, e-bike, bike share) designed into infrastructure. Areawide public access to hi-speed WiFi. This would be my vision!"

"The community should embrace the Kaiser Permanente thrive mission. Offering outdoor activities free to the community as well as indoor mix-use exercise and healthy options like a gym or cafe. Having choices of dining, shops, and entertainment within walking distance would be fantastic!"

"I was hoping for a lot of urban art. Any kind of art, whether it be murals, graffiti, sculptures, or landscaping art."

"How about a Ferris wheel or type of space needle building. We need some altitude!"

"I would include an iconic 600-1000 ft observation tower in the Railyards or a 450-500 ft Ferris wheel."

"Community gardens where residents could work a plot for vegetables or flowers."

"Shaded outdoor dining. Coffee shops where I can meet friends to visit and get work done alone. An experience that offers a chance to walk and get exercise while shopping and entertainment, dining. Outdoor art installations. Dog friendly. Family-friendly. Shade and green space for hot Sacramento days. Cultural events!"

"Outdoor dining entertainment venue, live entertainment, concerts, free yard games, live music, hand-crafted wines, craft beer on tap, hand-crafted cocktails. A natural food store, farmers market, coffee shops, flower- rose garden, a botanical garden with butterfly exhibit, water features, small petting zoo, pony rides, carriage rides, a dog park."

"Blend infill with modern amenities that will bring locals and tourists to enjoy and spend time in the area."

"An eco gym. It would be awesome to have this to help produce clean energy."

"Artist live-work residences, local craft beer only, a central park with a fountain, an amphitheater."

"I would love if this project used the surrounding historic buildings and mixed it with modern architecture for a very homey and urban feel. I would also love to see a nice grassy dog park. A large park with a cafe where everyone could gather and hang out for picnics."

"I think it would be great if this area were to have a ton of character to reflect Sacramento's fun atmosphere, not a shopping center where everything looks cookie-cutter. I want The Railyards to be the place where you can go with your friends and spend all day: relaxing, shopping, playing games. A place that you will feel proud to say: this is my town."

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