Sacramento Puts Youth to Work to Mitigate COVID Impact

Image of a young man smiling at the camera. Sacramento puts youth to work to mitigate COVID-19's impact.

Sacramento Puts Youth to Work to Mitigate COVID Impact

July 30, 2020 | By The Railyards

Four hundred teenagers throughout Sacramento will work on service projects related to COVID-19 now through the end of August, reports the City of Sacramento. 

In return, they'll receive a $400 stipend funded by federal stimulus dollars.


#SacYouthWorks is a pilot program that connects 400 youth ages 14-18 to work-based learning and earning opportunities. The Youth & Family Collective has partnered with the City of Sacramento and 32 community-based organizations to launch #SacYouthWorks.

The Sacramento City Council approved $240,000 in funding from the federal CARES Act to mitigate the harm caused by COVID-19, which includes the loss of many traditional summer jobs and programs. 

Participants must come from an economically disadvantaged zip code, foster care, or be considered at-risk for another reason.

The teen job assignments will involve responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in some way, such as packaging food for delivery to seniors. 

About 40 of the teens will be trained as "mental health champions" to support other young people and children in the community.

"One of the key ingredients is to engage young people who need it most," said Lindee Lane, the City's Youth Development policy manager. 

"What we did was reach out to the non-profit organizations that are working with the most vulnerable populations," said Staci Anderson, president and CEO of Pro Youth & Families. 

"Kids can get paid, they can put money on their table for their families and really be able to get some workplace experience."

#SacYouthWorks has limited spots still available for youth to participate. Interested youth can find more information at

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