Sacramento Valley Station Master Planning Workshop

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Sacramento Valley Station Master Planning Workshop

March 30, 2017 | By The Railyards

Do you visit the Sacramento Valley Station?

Located in downtown Sacramento, the Sacramento Valley Station (SVS) is the seventh busiest station in the country and the primary rail station in Northern California. The City of Sacramento is transforming this historic train depot into an updated regional transportation hub that provides user-friendly connections between all modes of transportation - train, light rail, bus, bicycle, taxi, auto, and pedestrian.

Sacramento is Invited to Participate in the SVS Planning Workshop

Community feedback is essential as the City of Sacramento embarks on the initial phase of a master plan for the Sacramento Valley Station.

If you ride the train, visit the train depot, or want to be a part of forming the master plan and helping to shape the development of our regional transit center, you’re invited to a pop-up workshop at the station.

Sacramento Valley Station Master Plan Pop Up Workshop

Friday, March 31, 2017 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Sacramento Valley Station 401 I Street, Sacramento

Can’t make the workshop in person?

You can still be a part of the master planning process. Take the Pop-Up Workshop Survey and you can join the conversation about the future development of the Sacramento Valley Station.

Take the Sac Valley Station Master Planning Workshop Survey now.

The SVS has been an important part of the history of Sacramento and it will continue to be essential as the city grows and develops into the future.

The Past and Future of Sacramento’s Train Depot

The Sacramento Valley Station has been taking riders in and out of Sacramento by rail since 1926. When the station was built by the Southern Pacific Railroad 90 years ago, the building was celebrated as one of the greatest state-of-the-art depots in the west.

For fifty-five years, the Southern Pacific Railroad ran its own passengers, until those services were taken over by Amtrak in 1971. Throughout the years, the depot building survived both the downtown and revival of rail travel. The building may have shown its years, but it stood strong and continued to transport riders in and out of Sacramento.

In 2006, the City of Sacramento purchased the building in its eightieth year of operation. The City immediately began planning a bright and vibrant future for the grand building; the depot as the centerpiece of a regional transportation hub. The Sacramento Valley Station will once again be a state-of-the-art operation for multiple modes of transportation, including future expansions for high-speed rail and streetcars.

The Sac Valley Station is adjacent to The Railyards, one of the nation’s largest infill development projects. The Railyards is transforming 244-acres of unused land into a vibrant mixed-use community that will effectively double the size of downtown Sacramento.


Sacramento City Councilmember Jeff Harris discusses the connections between the Railyards and the Sac Valley Station.

The proximity to the Sacramento Valley Station transportation hub will allow The Railyards to connect with other communities within the region. As Sacramento looks to a future of sustainability, innovation, and growth, the Sac Valley Station will be an integral part of connecting and changing the region.

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