Take the 2022 Sacramento Community Survey

Yellow flowers growing in Downtown Sacramento. Take the 2022 Sacramento Community Survey.

Take the 2022 Sacramento Community Survey

April 1, 2022 | By The Railyards

Do you want to tell Sacramento leaders what you think about your city? The 2022 Community Survey is out, and the City of Sacramento wants your opinion on City programs and services.

Take the 2022 Community Survey

The City of Sacramento wants to hear your thoughts on various services and programs to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. The 2022 Community Survey is available in over 100 languages, and feedback will help make decisions for the future.

Take the survey here: cityofsacramento.org/community-survey

2021 Survey Results

The last City of Sacramento Community survey was taken in 2021. Here are some highlights from your fellow community members.

Sacramento is a Good Place to Work

The economy was an area that Sacramento residents rated as higher in importance and lower in quality compared to other facets.

Despite the fact that the local economy was named as an area of focus, community members do believe that Sacramento is a good place to work.

  • 70% of survey respondents rated Sacramento as an excellent or good place to work
  • Two-thirds gave positive ratings to the overall quality of business and service establishments
  • 50% gave favorable marks to the vibrancy of the downtown/commercial area and employment opportunities
  • 40% of respondents positively rated the overall economic health of Sacramento and economic development in the City

Sacramento Residents Care About Safety

Safety is a high concern for respondents. 80% of Sacramento residents reported feeling safe in their neighborhood during the day, while 60% felt safe in the downtown/commercial area during the day.

Half of the respondents felt safe from property crime or violent crime.

When evaluating safety-related services, about 70% of respondents gave positive ratings to fire and ambulance/ EMS services, and 60% were pleased with fire prevention and education.

Sacramento residents did leave room for improvement when it comes to safety; only about 4 in 10 positively rated the city’s emergency preparedness, police services, and the overall feeling of safety in Sacramento, lower than average ratings compared to similar communities.

Sacramento Residents Love Their Natural Environment

The natural environment plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of residents, having a profound effect on the quality of life. Sacramento’s natural environment is rated by respondents as both high importance and high quality!

62% of respondents rate Sacramento’s natural environment as excellent or good. Ratings included factors such as cleanliness, water resources (lakes, rivers, beaches), air quality, preservation of natural space, and open spaces.

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Sacramento Residents Give Top Marks to Education, Arts, and Culture

Education, arts, and culture is another area that Sacramento residents rate as both highly important and high quality; 55% of survey respondents rated education, arts, and culture as excellent or good.

More than half of all respondents gave top marks to Sacramento in the following areas:

  • 55% overall opportunities for education, arts, and culture
  • 53% opportunities to attend cultural/ arts/ music activities
  • 54% community support for the arts
  • 51% opportunities to attend special events and festivals
  • 68% public library services

How Liveable is Sacramento?

The guiding vision for Sacramento’s 2035 General Plan is to become the most liveable city in America. How close is the City to meeting its goal?

According to the 2021 community survey, the City of Sacramento is earning top marks (more than 50% rate as good or excellent) in the following areas of liveability:

  • Quality of utility infrastructure
  • Quality of natural environment
  • Quality of parks and recreation opportunities
  • Overall health and wellness opportunities
  • Overall opportunities for education, arts, and culture

Take the 2022 Community Survey and let community leaders know what’s important to you as a resident of Sacramento. cityofsacramento.org/community-survey

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