The Importance of Affordable Housing in Sacramento

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The Importance of Affordable Housing in Sacramento

October 14, 2020 | By The Railyards

In August of 2020 construction began on The A.J. an exciting mixed-income residential housing development here at The Railyards. The A.J. joins other local developments in an effort to provide Sacramento families at a variety of income levels with a place to call home.
California's Housing Crisis has been a major concern for golden state residents for many years, and was top-of-mind while planning the residential developments at The Railyards. Learn more about Sacramento's affordable housing, and how mixed-income residential developments like this one can help address the crisis.

Sacramento's Need for Affordable Housing

According to data from the California Housing Partnership, 55,578 low-income households in Sacramento county do not have access to affordable housing. A further 81% of extremely low-income households are paying more than half of their income to housing, compared to just 1% of moderate-income households.

The Sacramento area, like much of California, is in desperate need of new homes to ensure affordable housing is available to households of all income levels.

What We Can Do

2015's Mixed-Income Housing Ordinance, Sacramento city code chapter 17.712, requires that large residential projects offer housing options for a variety of incomes and household types, including affordable housing. For The Railyards, affordable housing refers to residences affordable to households with 40% to 60% of Sacramento County's median income. This helps ensure that residents with different income levels are able to afford housing in a new development.

There are many development projects underway in Sacramento to help meet this need for affordable housing. The A.J. at The Railyards is joined by neighboring developments such as Mirasol Village and Metro at 7th.

Affordable Housing at The Railyards

20% of The A.J.'s 345 residential units will be classified as affordable housing, or 69 units. The Railyards' plan for The A.J. includes options for both rental and for-sale townhomes and condominiums, which will be available to Sacramentans at a range of price points.

The A.J. was designed with Sacramento at heart, with the goal of creating a vibrant community accessible to many types of households. This includes the necessary considerations needed to address our state's affordable housing crisis. Learn more about life at The A.J.

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