The Railyards Residential Survey Asks For Your Vision of Urban Living

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The Railyards Residential Survey Asks For Your Vision of Urban Living

March 17, 2017 | By The Railyards

If your vision of home is a vibrant urban community with exciting amenities at your fingertips, then The Railyards wants to hear more from you.

The Railyards has a vision of a thriving, 18-hour urban village located in the heart of Sacramento. This vision includes residential housing units that provide unique experiences and on-site amenities that can’t be found anywhere else in the Sacramento region. 

We want to know what YOUR vision of residential living at The Railyards looks like. 

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Imagine a Future Residential Home at The Railyards

Imagine a home that’s unparalleled in both technology and sustainability. A home that’s primed for the fastest network connectivity. A smart home that you control with your voice or with apps on your phone and tablet. A home that generates its own energy through solar roof tiles, is outfitted with the latest in energy-saving appliances, and that cools itself with living garden walls.

Imagine a home that’s connected to the local food scene and celebrates Sacramento’s Farm to Fork culture. Where the finest restaurants and cafes are thriving on the ground floor, where rooftop or terrace kitchen and dining areas provide breathtaking views of the Sacramento river and downtown city skyline. A farmers market that provides the freshest and best of Sacramento’s world-renowned produce and agricultural products right outside your front door. Local artisan foods prepared and sold only a short walk from your Railyards home.

Imagine a home that encourages you to live healthier. A home that connects you with a fitness center, rock climbing wall, yoga, or crossfit center onsite. Rooftop community gardens where you and your neighbors can grow your own fresh, organic food. Secure and ample bicycle parking. Plenty of storage for sporting and fitness equipment. Easy access to riverfront trails that you can bike or run.

Imagine a home that’s completely designed around the concepts of connecting with your community. Co-working spaces where you can work remotely with your neighbors in a space that encourages collaboration and creativity. Community recreation rooms outfitted with big screen TVs, gaming systems, game rooms, and lounges. Creating memories and new friendships as you work and play from home.

Now that your imagination is primed, it’s your turn.

The Railyards wants to hear from you.

We want to put you in the designer’s seat. What details and amenities would you hand-select as you designed your future home in The Railyards?

Now’s your chance. Take one minute and paint us a picture of your vision for residential housing at The Railyards. No detail is too small and no idea is too big. It’s your Sacramento, your Railyards, your future urban home… so let’s get started!

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