Your Vision: Sacramento's Ideas for the Railyards

The Sacramento skyline at sunset.

Your Vision: Sacramento's Ideas for the Railyards

December 30, 2020 | By The Railyards

From its inception, the Railyards was intended to reflect the best of Sacramento, and that means considering the opinions and wishes of Sacramento residents.

We asked Sacramentans to share the features and amenities they were dreaming of for the Railyards with us. Explore their responses.

Responses have been edited for clarity.

Sacramento's Vision for the Railyards

Cannot Wait to Live Here One Day

"I love how environmentally focused this project is because it thinks about the long term future of all Sacramento residents. This is such an incredible opportunity for mixed-income housing that truly puts sustainability first (composting systems, water preservation, water refill stations to reduce plastic water bottle usage). It seems like so much thought has been put into every detail. I think it is also a lovely opportunity to bring small businesses into the spotlight, and share a little of those small businesses that add so much to our city with others who may be visiting the stadium. As current season ticket holders, we cannot wait to live here one day."

Bike-Friendly Streets

"Bike-friendly streets, dedicated bike lanes! Grocery stores and restaurants. Adequate parking, underground parking. Affordable housing!"

Close to Downtown

"A safe environment, close to Downtown and river activities, dining and shopping access."

Music, Dancing, Food

"Public spaces on rooftops, let people enjoy the growing skyline of Sacramento. Art galleries would be amazing, maybe add a family-centered entertainment area in downtown. Add lights to make it feel more alive, more events. Music, dancing, food. It'll attract people and build the community."

Great Open Spaces

"Great open spaces. Great day and evening walking and meeting places like the umbrellaed alleys of Europe. Unique coffee and tea shops, tap houses, etc. A local art and live music space. A redwood grove at one end and palms at the other, or each lane featuring its own type of trees (very happy to see abundant trees in the renderings). Definitely a beautified river access. Some kind of hanging gardens or butterfly pavilion, etc. A unique, and maybe child-playable, water feature."

Enjoy a Day or Evening Out on the Town

"Since we live in a "farm to fork" city, I was thinking of a building similar to the "Anaheim Packing House." It's a beautiful gourmet food court! It would be an opportunity to showcase and give opportunities for a family or trendy person wanting to enjoy a day or evening out on the town!"

Good Food Selection

"Music, recreation, ease of parking, and ease of access. Water features and outdoor activity. Open space to experience the architecture, sounds, and unique life of downtown. Group events, clean, responsible, good food selections, brewery, and wine experiences."

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