The Plan

Create an innovative mixed use community that will breathe new life into the Capital City

In the heart of Sacramento, one of the nation’s largest infill projects is breathing new life into the Capital City. The Railyards project is transforming 244-acres of historically significant land and rededicating it into a thriving mixed-use community. The project will double the size of Downtown Sacramento and redefine the region.

The Railyards preserves the area’s historical significance while embracing an innovative and exciting new vision for the community: a dynamic mixed-use Innovation District that brings inclusive housing, retail, dining, business, entertainment, and services together in an authentic Sacramento experience. Come to The Railyards to work, live, and play. Welcome to the heart of Sacramento.

It's Time To Get Started
Larry Kelley

One of the premier infill development sites in the country, The Railyards will once again be a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. The Railyards will be a mixed-use hub for entertainment, retail, housing, office, theaters, parks, hotels, and museums.

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What will you find at The Railyards? An 18-acre Kaiser Permanente Hospital campus, 5-million square feet of business space, half a million square feet of retail space; 100,000 square feet of inclusive housing for all income levels; a Major League Soccer Stadium, a museum, hotel with 1,000 available rooms, 30-acres of green open space and parks, and a transportation hub that connects Sacramento to other communities in the region.